Most businesses don’t use video!

“Why is this the case?” you might be asking – especially since most modern smart phones are almost professional pieces of video technology.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons – ie myths that your business needs to DEBUNK once and for all about how to create and share great, educational & entertaining content about your business.

So, let’s get started!

Myth #1: Video is too expensive.

Whilst it’s true that some traditional video production companies are expensive, most of your customers are actually looking for *authenticity* more than than polished professionalism. The latter is more likely to be seen in advertising, after all, and creating more “raw” video content which showcases your unique value to your customers, is going to win in the long term.

So, you can do it yourself, or you can hire a local company (like us) to take care of this for you, at an affordable rate; contact us if you’d like to know more about our prices.

Myth #2: Video is cumbersome.

Well, it *used* to be – you had to have pro lighting, pro camera equipment. Nowadays however, the latest iPhone or Samsung Smartphone is more than adequate to help you create great-looking content that your potential customers would love to consume. And, if you’re stuck for ideas – come and talk to us, as we can help you craft your unique story and messaging to engage with your customers.

Myth #3: Most businesses like us aren’t really using video.

This myth might have some truth to it, sadly – but it really doesn’t have to be that way!

In fact, there is HUGE opportunity ahead for you, if video has classically been underused in your business sector. Think about the huge increase in online video in business sectors like real estate, where agencies are suddenly embracing everything from drone flyovers to virtual reality walk-throughs.

To see similarly disproportionate increase in exposure for your business, ask yourself, “what would the people who make up our customer base, business or otherwise, like to see?”

Myth #4: No one’s watching anyway

Perhaps this is more of an exaggeration than a complete myth. If you think this way, you should consider this fact: If one of your videos only has 100 views, for example, does that mean that no one’s watching? Well, obviously not! If you think about it another way, A picture tells a thousand words so if a video is 60 seconds long and has 25 frames and every second then it doesn’t take much imagination to see that producing videos on a regular basis for your business will have a massive impact on the number of people viewing your videos dash especially if their educational and entertaining! So you don’t need thousands of views in order to get significant exposure for your business semicolon even a video with just 50 views could result in a long-term customer that you never had before.

If you want to talk about some practical strategies for getting started with videos for your business then do make sure you get in touch by filling in the contact form on this page.

Myth #5: Video doesn’t have enough uses.

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make in producing content and videos, is that they think the only reason why people would want to watch the videos, is to see what special offers they have right now.

Whilst it’s true that you can use video in this way, what you want to make sure of, more than anything else, is that your business has educational and entertainment value. For example, you could do a video looking at how your products actually made, distributed, and then finally end up in your particular business.

Or, perhaps your business has some Unique characteristics about it that not many people have knowledge of semicolon in that particular case you could bring a unique angle to what your business offers by telling some of the story behind how your business got started, and why you think those unique characteristics are worth something to your customers full stop

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg, and for more ideas on how you can get started do make sure you get in contact.

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